5 Questions With Meagan Bowman

We're excited to kick off our 5 Questions With series this week featuring our committee's very own, Meagan Bowman from Stonehenge Technology Labs!

1. What technology excites you most?

Not a popular answer… I love EDI.

2. What has been your greatest success?

Husband’s first PhD.  It was a total team effort!  I got my PhT (putting hubby through)

3. Best advice you’d share with young professional interested in tech?

“Tech” is broad.  Figure out what is beneath your tech obsession?  Tech is a vehicle, an instrument, the means by which something bigger happens.

Figure out the bigger, deeper thing first.

4. What do you think makes NW Arkansas so unique?

Every time I tell someone I’m in NWA, they wonder why they never saw me on MTV.

5. In another life you would have been…

Highschool teacher / tennis coach in the inner-city… wait, I’m still planning for THIS life!

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