5 Questions With Tom Douglass

Catch up with the latest installment of "5 Questions With..." as we chat with Catapult Consulting's Tom Douglass. This month, Tom talks tech and the need to be a lifelong learner to keep your competitive edge in this rapidly growing space.

Ashley Wardlow: What technology excites you the most?

Tom Douglass: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AW: What has been your greatest success?

TD: The Opening of Walmart's first Innovations Lab. Lab 415-C

AW: What's the best advice you'd share with young professionals interested in tech?

TD: Be open to constantly learning. Tech changes faster than you can learn it, keep up as best you can!

AW: What do you think makes Northwest Arkansas so unique?

TD: NWA has a small-town persona with a big city edge.

AW: In another life, you would have been...

TD: A Professional Golfer!