Thank You, Committee Members!

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Our work wouldn’t be possible without the NWA Tech Summit Committee. This dedicated group of more than 50 volunteers works tirelessly behind-the-scenes as we envision and execute each year’s event. We’d like to shine a special spotlight on their efforts and invite you to join us in thanking them!


Cheryl Yarbrough, Shiloh Technologies

Christine Pummill, Walmart

AJ Adel, BMB Group

Bill Akins, Walmart

Haley Allgood, Walmart

Canem Arkan, Endeavor NWA

Mark Berkowick, University of Arkansas

Meagan Bowman, Stonehenge Tech Labs

G.B. Cazes, Emory Group

Jordan Carlisle, Whole Health Institute and Chopra Library

Jeff Charlson, KPMG + Bike Rack Brewing

Jeannette Collins, NWA Council

Samantha Daugherty, Microsoft

Lucas Dorrough, J.B. Hunt

Tom Douglass, Catapult Consulting - LLC

Bobby Duncan

Bryan Finster, Walmart

Dana Finster, Walmart

Stephanie G. Funk, HOWSE

Sarah Goforth, University of Arkansas

Joel Gordon, Scott Family Amazeum

Kurt Haas, Kroger

Justin Horton, Walmart

Garrett House, Tyson Foods

David Kersey, Pixel

Tracy Lee, This Dot

Judy Lewis, Teradata

Meredith Lowry, Wright Lindsey Jennings

Barbara Marchini-Ellis, EY

Mark Mason, Affirma

Katherine Mitchell, Tyson Foods

Michael Paladino, RevUnit

Jarrod Ramsey, Microsoft

Karen Rhodes, HPE

Kelly Robason, Amazon Web Services

Randy Salley

Greg Scheland, EY

Becca Shaddox, i2i Labs

Aron Shelton, Finding NWA

Bjorn Simmons

Liz Slape, Movista

Parker Stewart, SupplyPike

Aaron Stively

Paul Stolt, Scott Family Amazeum

Melissa Swann, Edafio

Caleb Talley, Startup Junkie

Marc Thompson, Walmart

Mary VanLeer, Info-Tech Research Group

Mitchell Webb, BlueYonder

Rick Webb, Grit Studios

Paula Wetzel, Affirma

Emma Willis, Venture Noire

Whitney Yoder, Cox Communications

Jared Youtsey

Interested in lending a hand? Email Ashley Wardlow, Executive Director of the NWA Tech Summit at